What it’s like in Puerto Rico

Cerro de Punta Highest Peak in Puerto Rico

Nayurie Soto, Reporter

Puerto Rico is very beautiful, but it is also very difficult. The beautiful things about Puerto Rico are that there are huge mountains that you can drive on, where you can also see a view of the other mountains, People can also live on these mountains usually the rich, but in my opinion, I feel like it’s way too dangerous to live on a mountain because of how steep it is and how easily things can collapse!, The other beautiful things about Puerto Rico are the buildings and the locations where people put their businesses and restaurants at, the buildings always have lights on them which lights up very brightly during the nighttime, that’s usually why travelers go to the buildings first. Business and restaurant locations are always in the farthest and prettiest spots! Business owners and restaurant owners do this because of the views and how many customers they can get. There are spots like these in Puerto Rico such as “La Casita Blanca”, and “La Perla Playa”. You can also visit the mountains and see all of Puerto Rico from those views!

The difficult things about Puerto Rico are that there are a lot of hurricanes and tornados. It’s also hard to find a job that pays people well or that doesn’t just pay minimum wage. Hotels are can also be brutally expensive, and there are a lot of places in Puerto Rico that are dangerous such as “San Juan”, and “Plaza Carolina”. As a Puerto Rician who visits often, I feel like Puerto Rico is a nice place to visit, but to live there wouldn’t be such a good idea for most people.