SkillsUSA Regional Officers at Frank H Peterson

Allison Viola, Editor chef

As of September 23rd, Frank H Peterson’s SkillsUSA officers, are now also regional officers for the state of Florida in region 2, Region 2 of Florida is the upper east part of Florida.

Regional Officers are student members elected by their peers and represent the organization. Regional officers are elected, trained and sent to represent SkillsUSA as ambassadors for Career and Technical Education. Regional Officers are expected to set an example for other members in professionalism, responsibility, teamwork and to represent SkillsUSA Florida and Region 2 at the local, state, and national levels. 

All the officersAll the officers had went to Gainesville for officer training on September 23rd. After the training, everyone voted on who they wanted to be Region 2 officers. 6 of the 10 officers are all from Peterson!  

The officers and their positions are, President, Jasmine Foster; Vice President, Jasmine Long; Secretary, Carsyn Howes; Treasurer, (Emi) Ciara Sastre; Reporter, Allison Viola; and Parliamentarian, Tylar Bryant. The two main advisers are Adina McCall and Leah Crawford. 

In an interview with Jamine F, when asked how she had felt about becoming a regional officer she responded with, “I love being a regional officer, it shows off my leadership skills.” 

Regional Officers are expected to attend all these events: Regional Officer Training (Virtual), Fall Leadership Conference, Regional Leadership and Skills Conference, and the State Leadership and Skills Conference (by invitation only).