NHS Induction Ceremony

Kiersten Trice, Senior Editor

The Frank H. Peterson National Honor Society (NHS) and National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) inducted new members this October. The inductees were invited to join, they were chosen based on their GPA, test scores, and the pillars of NHS that they represent. During the ceremony, the current NHS and NTHS officers President Caleb Koch, Vice President of NHS Joseph Guerrra, Vice President of NTHS Niamh Bealle, Secretary Capri Smith, and Parliamentarian Jack Trice, spoke and inducted the new members. On the table we had five candles, each represented the different pillars. The candle in the middle-represented knowledge, this candle was used to light the other four pillars, the candles which represented service, scholarship, leadership and character.

The induction ceremony was held at the school in the Atrium and Wright Place Restaurant, the ceremony began at six o’clock with guests eating hors d’oeuvres, after everyone was finished eating the ceremony moved into the Atrium. Caleb Koch welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for coming, then passed the microphone onto Joseph Guerra who introduced the guest speaker Mrs. Boos’. When Mrs. Boos’ speech was over, the members talked about each pillar and lit the candles they thought best represented them. The president and vice president lead the inductees in the pledges for NHS and NTHS. Caleb then called each inductee to come up to the table and light their candles picking which one they thought best represented them.

Once the official ceremony was over for the new members, the officers had their own induction ceremony and lit their candles since they did not have a proper ceremony due to COVID. The NHS and NTHS sponsor Ms. Lepper organized the ceremony with Secretary Capri Smith and Historian Ashley Miller.