Uniforms vs. No uniforms

Curajis Deloach, Reporter

Wearing uniforms and not wearing uniforms to school can have many pros and cons to it. I am going to start off by saying that I feel like students should be able to wear whatever clothes they feel comfortable in to school. When students wear whatever clothes suit them best, they can express themselves more often to others around them. On the other hand, if they cannot wear whatever clothes make them comfortable, then they are less likely to express themselves. Wearing uniforms can be a precise decision to choose from because whether students must wear uniforms to school or not, the choice that would be made would not be considered wrong. There are many good and bad reasons for it, like I said.  

      But back to the side that I most support, which is not wearing uniforms to school. Not wearing uniforms can also bring students out of their comfort zones and make them feel more outgoing. Not wearing uniforms can promote self-love and make a person realize their worth and who they are.  

      Also, once again, not wearing uniforms can make a person more comfortable in their own skin. Now, referring to my opposing side, which is wearing uniforms to school. Wearing uniforms can decrease bullying in all states. Wearing uniforms also creates a set of boundaries, rules, and shows the organization or structure of a school system. 

      Wearing uniforms can make everyone feel equal, so that no one can feel more powerful than the other. Therefore, if everyone is feeling equal, then no one must get bullied or feel down about what they are wearing because of what someone else is saying about their clothes. The good doesn’t outweigh the bad and the bad doesn’t outweigh the good about wearing uniforms versus not wearing them, because there are lots of good reasons to prove why both are not wrong.