What are Seniors doing after Graduation?

Class of ‘22 the graduating Silver Eagles, what are their plans for after high school? Some students plan to go straight to the workforce, some to the military or to college. Most students do not know what they want to do for sure after high school so some will take a gap year before going to college. Students here at Frank H. Peterson like, Arin Charles said his plans for after high school are, “sleep, and start college in the Fall.” Another student Jack Trice said, “start college in the fall and try to get an internship over the summer.”

Congratulations to Joseph Guerra, Te’Nayah Dover, Ruth Charles, Katelynn Holland, Hope Moor, Sarah Gleaton, Alayhna Rivera for being accepted into UNF.

Congratulations to Chalese Moody, Nakeria G., Heather Harris and Arin Charles for getting into FSCJ.

Congratulations to Kaylee Thomas, Jada Gould and Ruth Charles for getting into FMU.

Congratulations to Justino Paramo for getting into Embry Riddle.

Congratulations to Javier Avila and Khia Faith for getting into FIU.

Congratulations to Vanessa Pitts for getting into JWU.

Congratulations to Tyler Manasco for getting into the U.S. Army.

Congratulations to Isyss Corniey for getting into Tuskegee University.

Congratulations to Colun Smith for getting into BCU.

Congratulations to Jasmine Hilson for getting into EWU.

Congratulations to Kiana Oliver for getting into Wingate.

Congratulations to Jimmy Plowden for getting into TSU and EWU

Congratulations to Keyonni Strickland for getting into J&WU, UB, JU and Full Sail

Congratulations to Emorey Graham for getting into UAT, UNF, JU, Embry Riddle, Stretson University, UA and NSU Florida.

Congratulations to Savannah Davis for getting into Livingstone College, BCU, Grambling State University, Jackson State University, ASU, FMU, Bennett College and UNF.

Congratulations to Maria Harris for getting into FSW, Florida Gulf Coast and UNF.

Congratulations to Niahm Beale for getting into UNOH.

Congratulations to Shyanne H. for getting into Valdosta State University.

Congratulations to Lebron James for getting into FPU.

Congratulations to Jasmine Lebron for getting into Hilbert College.

Please congratulate these seniors if you see them in the hallway.