Sophomore Timeline

Analisa Hill, Reporter

Being a High School student isn’t easy and having a checklist of goals throughout the year is a good start off. High school student sophomores should begin with a good plan with their second high school year and this checklist would be very helpful. To start off during the Fall (September – November) students should evaluate their course load and start collage planning, register for PSAT/PLAN test, increase your extracurricular activities so you can stand out in applications, keep track of important dates/deadlines for college, and continue doing community service hours.

In the Winter (December – February) students should, develop standardized testing plan, discover unique tips on how to organize your college prep activities, start your essay prep by writing often now so it benefits you later, capitalize on collage planning resources and learn more about colleges and universities.

During the Spring (March – May) students can consult their guidance counselor to make sure there prepared for junior year classes, expand knowledge about prospective schools by attending college fairs and information sessions, plan a solid summer filled with volunteering and internships, and see if your ready to take AP classes or sign up for AP exam.

In the Summer (June – August) students should talk with family about creating college budget, secure a summer job and build credentials while having fun, enroll in ACT or SAT prep over the summer while you still have free time, and visit college campuses to see which types of school’s appeal you.

Using this checklist can help benefit students for a fresh start off to a new school and gives them a path for prepping a plan for their collage future.