Aveda Institute

Analisa Hill, Reporter

Frank H. Peterson Cosmetology students went on a field trip to Aveda Institute in Jacksonville. The students took a tour to see what a real-world cosmetology school looks like and had a walkthrough of what the school was like to see how Aveda runs its cosmetology school. The instructors showed them a PowerPoint of the school and information about what the school teaching. The PowerPoint showed the different locations in the state of Florida and what classes they offer, the benefits they get with the school, and the goals of the school.

Aveda’s offers Cosmetology and Esthiology. Students must go through stages to reach the level of success. For their Cosmetology Program the students learn the essential foundations of hair cutting, coloring, texture, makeup application and nail care and for Esthiology students are trained for skin care and techniques that clients ask for. These programs both provide business development skills and how to work with confidence. Being a guest at Aveda offers training to students that are hairstylists and estheticians. Aveda also offers natural products that student can sell to their clients. Aveda is great for students who want to take their learning with Cosmetology further and inspires students for their future.