Communications Certification Testing

Au-Janiyah Moore, Reporter

Certification Testing in the Communications Academy is when students practice on Adobe software and then get tested on any software of Adobe and if they pass, they leave with a certificate/certification for an Adobe software. This certification for Adobe will proceed to last for two years.

Certification testing is so important because it tells future employers that you are equipped to use the program and it shows that you are proficient in the program. The software’s that students are being tested on includes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and InDesign. Certification Testing took place on January 13th and 27th which is every two weeks every other Thursday and testing will be taking place until the end of the school year. The test is only for Juniors and Seniors because the certification expires in two years and if you take the test and pass as a freshman or sophomore, the certification will expire before you graduate defeating the purpose of getting the certification. The certification test is a 30-question test, which you have 50 minutes to complete the test, the multiple-choice questions you must finish because you cannot go back, and the simulation is done live so the software that you’re in is up in the program and you must complete the simulations. Ms. Daniels expresses that she wants the students who are looking to practice and get a certification to “Actually know how to use it and actually being tested on it lets them see they know how to use it, is really cool, and it’s really good for your resume and for future employers to look at.”

Ms. Daniels, a communications teacher at Frank H. Peterson, runs the Adobe bootcamp for those who want to practice and get certified in an adobe software. Ms. Daniels says she does three things, “I do a Kahoot starting off for the concept level questions and then we play a game that helps them know what panels and tools to use and then we do a big game of Jeopardy, and they have to use the adobe software as a simulation.” The test is about 10 questions multiple choice and about 20 questions simulation. Students who test will be able to see if they are proficient in the program or not, students who pass are able to see that they are proficient, which is good for their resume. In Ms. Daniels senior level class every day for their warm-up instead of doing a discussion board they do a simulation question on a website called Gmetrix, “they also have Gmetrix to do on their own, they can do it on the weekends or after class, Gmetrix is the software that helps them study for the test,” says Ms. Daniels.

Mr. Rud, another communications teacher who does not teach on Adobe software anymore, directs the test because the communications teachers that teach on Adobe software can’t teach their own students. The testing took place in E604 which is Mr. Rud’s classroom.