Big Brother Big Sister

Analisa Hill, Reporter

Big Brother Big Sister is a mentorship program that provides support to children. This program can benefit kids on a physical, mental and emotional level. This program benefits children all around the United States, including students at Frank H. Peterson.

A group of tenth grade Communications students meet up once a month for Big Brother Big Sister during their lunch periods at FHP. Students are assigned a mentor and communicate with one another about their lives and plans. Ms. Ana said, “Students are given a presentation about a topic and for the remaining 30 minutes, kids pair up with their mentors in break out rooms and discuss with each other, giving students guidance.” This program offers students a safe space and encourages them to maintain a positive mindset.

Frank H. Peterson Sophomore Arianna Hill said, “This program has helped me talk to people with being more open and I like how my mentor ask’s how I’m doing and what my grades look like, she really just checks up on me.” This program gives students with several opportunities, such as speaking with professionals about issues they may have in the workplace. Students having this experience is amazing and it will greatly benefit them in the future.