What Is Brain Brawl

Tyler Bryant, reporter

Brain Brawl is an academic trivia-based game that puts two teams of four students against each other. The game works by having a moderator read off one of fifteen toss-up questions, then the first person that buzzes in gets the chance to answer. If they answer the question right, then the team that they represent gets ten points, if they answer incorrectly the team, they represent loses ten points and the other team gets the chance to answer with no penalty. Then after the toss-ups the team gets to answer three bonus questions. The bonus is always based on the question that they answered and have no penalty for answering incorrectly. After the moderator asks all 15 questions and corresponding bonuses. The games going into ten lighting rounds, which is 10 toss-up questions that have a shorter time to answer and a heavier penalty for answering wrong. After the lighting rounds the score keeper tallies the score and calls the winning team.

On Saturday, January 26 Frank H. Peterson with head-to-head with other schools from Duval County in a Brain Brawl tournament. FHP only lost four out of eight matches, losing to Paxon, Sandalwood, and two other private schools. The students that represented FHP were (Tyler Bryant, Dominick Bryant, Roger Mitchell, and Nathanyel  Nuylens)