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Jayden Calhoun, Reporter

Frank H. Peterson houses many students that play sports for different schools, one being Shyanne Houck. Shyanne is a Cosmetology senior and early graduate here at Frank H. who plays soccer for her home school, Ed White. She has played soccer since grade school and has spent three of those years taking number 14 on Ed White’s team.

Although she enjoys playing for the Commanders, the time difference between schools and maintaining a job is hard to work around. Shyanne wishes to continue playing soccer into college as a playing defender and mid-fielder. Having both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo be the players she looks up to is slightly surprising considering they both play as forwards. Messi playing for the Argentina national team while Ronaldo plays for Manchester United.

From the very beginning, having someone other than her two coaches support her goal of playing soccer was something Shyanne could only wish for. So, as she continues to play on, we can do our best to support her from the sidelines.