What is Community in Schools? (CIS)

Tyler Bryant

Community in schools (CIS) is a nonprofit organization used as a hub for students who need community service hours, That also provides a semi-real work environment used to give them experience all around. The Organization was first founded in 1977 with the mission to help at-risk children to stay in school, and on the right path in life. The Founder and co-chairmen Bill Milliken, was always involved in helping the youth and people in need since the 1960’s. On The CIS webpage (https://www.communitiesinschools.org/about-us/our-leadership/profile/william-milliken) it details how the young Bill Milliken would spend most of his time working for non-profits such as “Street Academies” a foundation created to give high school dropouts a second chance to pursue an education.

He also worked for other in-shelter program to help substance abused youth, provide shelter and food to them. His work then continued for many years until he saw that students and children faced most of their problems at school. So he created a organization that was focused to schools to provide aid to high risk students, while also giving support to students by giving community service hours and work-like environment.

To see more information about CIS please visit Frank H. Peterson’s CIS coordinator Mrs. Foster