Marathon High begins its 11th Season

A. Charles, Proofreader In-Chief

From the beginning of October, high school students across Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Nassau counties ready up their running legs for another season of Marathon High (MH), a nonprofit program that challenges at-risk teens to train for the Donna 13.1. Students train for four months, using the Galloway method, also known as the run-walk method. The goal of Marathon High is to help students to develop athletic skills, social skills, self-respect, self-confidence, courage, strength, and healthy lifestyles (
Frank H. Peterson is one of the schools in Duval County which has Marathon High as a club open to join. Mrs. Ward, the club sponsor, has been running with MH since 2015 and calls the experience “enjoyable in a way I never thought it would [be]. Marathon High completely changed my mind about running. I love being with the students and getting to know them.”
When asked about her experience with running marathons, Ward answered, “when we run the half marathon, I have some very ugly thoughts that run through my head between miles 10 and 13, but when I get to the finish line, I am just ridiculously proud of my accomplishment.” Her favorite part about it all is the students that participate in the club and the chance to get to know the kids outside of school.
This season the club has received a new running buddy, a returning streaker, Reggie Goodwin. He was in Marathon High since his freshman year at FHP and ran for four years before graduating and returning to help the club. Goodwin returned to the club because he “liked the environment [of the club]” and briefly describes this experience with MH as “running with your family.” Additional coaches and running buddies and coaches in Marathon High include G. Harris, K. Harris, N. Yazdiya, Jake Ward, D. Boddie and J. Stagon.