Volunteer Hours

Tyler Bryant, Reporter

Each year more and more students fall short of qualifying for scholarships is the lack of community service hours on their transcripts. Most scholarships require their recipients to have a 3.0 weighted GPA (grade point average) And A SAT score around 1530-1550. But what really sticks out is a large amount of community service hours on their transcript.

Community service hours is a representation of how much a person values their community, and how much time they out into it. Foundations like (Community In Schools) CIS and (National Honor Society) NHS help students by giving volunteer opportunities and events, while also giving firsthand experience for their future job force. Most students gather around 100 volunteer hours before finishing high school partly qualifying them for the Bright Futures Scholarship.

This scholarship has two main parts, part one is a full ride that pays off for four years of colleges. Part two pays off for only two years. This scholarship can help ease future college student with debts from loans and other finical problems. To learn more about community service hours and opportunities, please contact Mrs. Foster,­ Frank H. Peterson’s CIS manager.