Senior Cosmo Advice

Yesenia Lopez-Flores, Reporter

As a first-year student coming into the Cosmetology Academy, students may have many questions about the department. In the department someone you can always count on to help are FPH seniors. So here is some Cosmetology advice from your Seniors Shyanne Houck and Sydney Varnadore.

The seniors explained, “You have to always be ready to put in all of your effort and be prepared.” Sydney Varnadore described that “Throughout your four years you must use many tools,” she continued. “One of those tools that is good to always have a hand is a flat iron because it can do way more than straighten your hair and your mannequin head is always something to have at hand because you will always end up using it.” When joining an academy, students may want to know what is a well-known weakness in the department? They agreed, “A lot of the people tend to follow other people and don’t pay attention to what is needed to be done and therefore are not putting their best effort.”

Seniors in the Academy also mentioned that something freshmen can look forward “All the shows and activities that happen during the year which bring in a lot of fun and creativity to the academy”. A lot of first year students are always confused about making the right choice when choosing an academy and finding the right fit for them. Senior Shyanne Houck stated, “If you don’t think that it’s the right fit for you it’s better to leave then to try to make it work when it’s not for you”. Finally, if you have more questions your seniors are always ready to you help.