See You at the Pole

Tyler Bryant

On every fourth of September throughout America, students gather around an American flagpole to offer prayers to friends and family. At 8:50 a.m. Friday, September 22 at Frank H. Peterson, Mrs. Foster led a small group of students at the school’s flagpole to share prayers and songs.

The event started with a group prayer lead by Campbell that stated, “Dear Lord, please send your graces and love to our students and family this morning, Lord please keep us safe and nourished with your teachings, oh Lord, please keep us away from temptations and evil spirits lord and in your name, we pray amen.”

After the group prayer, Mrs. Foster asked the group of students which included (Tyler, Alex, Ethan, and more) to offer their prayers. After a couple moments of shyness, Tyler broke the silence by saying. ‘Dear Lord, please deliver us from evil and from bad temptations. Please keep us safe and from harm in your name we pray amen. after a few two-minute prayers were said ending the first part of the memorial. The next part was singing, as feet slowly shuffled, and paper sheets were passed around. Voices slowly came into unison as Mrs. Foster played her guitar and sang church songs. After a few songs most voices became an uncoordinated choir and people felt more unified. And for the last part of the gathering, Mrs. Foster put the group of students in a circle to have one last prayer.

This is a grass-roots, student-led movement that began in the ‘90s.