Senior Timeline

Javier Avila, Editor in Chief

Is senior year stressing you out, not quite sure what to do? Here is a checklist to help you navigate your senior year as seamlessly as possible.

Fall (September-November)

Start off by finalizing your college list and once you have an idea on where you want to go, make appointments to tour colleges and get a feel for the campuses and their environments. After you have your goal in mind for colleges of choice, the next step is considering early action to be on priority list and getting recommendation letters from teachers, counselors, and other mentor figures. This is the last chance to take SAT and ACT, so it is best to register as soon as possible for any test you haven’t taken or need better scores on. Apply for colleges and make sure it is done before the deadline. Get with your guidance counselor and make sure you have your 100 community service hours and you have passed all the tests and classes you need to graduate.

Winter (December-February)

Schedule your college interviews to finish up the admissions process. As soon as you can, fill out the FASFA so that you can get the most financial aid that colleges can offer you. Then you should check everything off this list so far and continue the hunt and apply for scholarships.

Spring (March-May)

Once you have received your college responses, consider all your options and make the best choice for you. Verify your financial aid before making any college budget decisions. Follow the last admissions checklist and send final transcripts to your college and meet housing deadlines. Prepare for the AP exams and take them before the summer; check everything off your graduation check list and graduate.

Summer (June-August)

Start your last ever high school summer job. Attend your college’s summer orientation and get an understanding of the campus before school starts. Apply for your student housing and get matched with a great roommate. Get ready for a new world of student organizations, on-campus living and by learning more about what your school has to offer.