TRIDENT Refit Facility’s Apprenticeship Program

Jose Rios, Author

Do you have any interest in manufacturing and mechanical work? Then you should consider applying to the Trident Refit Facility Apprenticeship Program.

The staff from Trident Refit Facility came to Frank H Peterson., to talk with the Transportation academy about their Apprenticeship Program.

Trident Refit Facility provides quality industrial and logistics support for the incremental overhaul, modernization, and repair of Trident submarines and to provide global submarine supply support.

The Trident Refit Facility’s Apprenticeship Program is a four-year accredited Federal Department of Labor program that combines college courses, trade-specific training courses, and on-the-job work experience to produce a skilled craftsman upon completion. All college courses are taken while in a paid status. All academic costs are paid in full, with the minimum requirement of the student earning a C or better upon class completion.

Apprentices earn a minimum starting wage of $15.42 per hour and can earn up to $26.80 per hour upon graduation from college. The apprentice is eligible for all benefits such as vacation, medical, retirement, and Thrift Savings Plan.

If you have any questions regarding the TRIREFFAC apprentice program you can contact Timothy Wolfe at [email protected] or you can contact Sara Bennet at [email protected], who both work in the TRIREFFAC Apprentice Program Office.