Junior Timeline

Violet Andersen, Editor

Although 2020-2021 has been a hectic, and stressful year, there are still important things to keep up with in your junior year. Earlier in the year, from September-November you should’ve focused on registering for the PSAT test. Meeting with your counselor to organize your college plans and any classes you are concerned about would’ve been optimal at this time. During this time, research, explore and narrow down colleges you’re interested in. To keep some stress off of you, make a folder or binder for all of your college documents to keep it all organized. In December-February you should be focusing on studying and your grades. SAT and ACT’s are important, so you should prep for the test and study often. Start searching for scholarships and refining your college choices by comparing them and attending some college fairs. During March-May you should prepare to take the SAT or ACT in those months. Contacting colleges to schedule interviews and visits is essential too. Making a strong senior schedule and a stunning student portfolio will help too. Start working on college essays. In the summer, visit colleges and explore the campus. Getting a summer job o save up for college is ideal, and will help tremendously. Good luck, and do your best!