Girls Seminar

Arianna Hill, Reporter

Frank H. Peterson hosted a Girls Seminar and speakers spoke about trafficking and abuse. DeanJones, faculty and students had helped organize this event and explained different ways on how toprevent being trafficked and how to deal with different forms of abuse, establish boundaries, andhow to cope.
They gave reallife examples about girls have been trafficked and abused. Some ofthese ways were, talking and meeting people on social media, the boys you go out with, and justwalking around with your friends.
Student Tyra Mangram attended the seminar and expressedhow it made her feel she stated, The seminar made me more aware of what’s going on in ourcommunity. I feel like not talking to strangers and what I put out on social media can help.”
In the seminar the speakers stated thousands of traffickers are online daily trying to lure femalesin. Not only do traffickers lure women/girls in, but the traffickers also lure boys/men in as well.These smugglers try to get these people by showing interest in things the person post on socialmedia whether it’s the food they like, a sport they might play. They get to trust the person andwithin 18 minutes they know a lot about the person and end up wanting to meet with them inperson, they might end up get trafficked. Being abused and trafficked can happen under the brimof your nose.