SkillsUSA Week

Allison Viola, Chef Editor

February 6th – 10th is SkillsUSA week. SkillsUSA week is a nationally celebrated event that provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate support for SkillsUSA and Career & Technical Education (CTE) students who are preparing to enter the workforce in their careers. This is the opportunity to promote CTE and SkillsUSA programs at the local, state, and national levels. 

SkillsUSA Week is celebrated in February every year. Each chapter has a celebration for SkillsUSA week. Every chapter will look and feel different based on the chapter’s leadership, skills, and students.  

Throughout the week, chapter members will learn about the Essential Element of Professionalism in an environment, allowing the chapter to capture the attention of all students and community members. A good planned SkillsUSA week celebration will allow different chapters to put forth a professional image to education, industry partners and supporters.  

Everyday there is a different theme and thing that your chapter must do, the days for the week and there hashtags are:  

  • Monday: Recognition Day, #FHPSkillsUSA; 
  • Tuesday: Give Back Day, #FHPSkillsUSAGivesBack;  
  • Wednesday: Partner Day, #FHPSkillsUSAPartner;  
  • Thursday: Advocacy Day, #FHPSkillsUSAlovesDCPS;  
  • Friday: SkillsUSA Day, #FHPSkillsUSACelebrate. 

Monday, the 6th was Recognition Day. Students wore Red to represent SkillsUSA or wore a SkillsUSA T-shirt. The club had recognized those who make the SkillsUSA chapter awesome. All day they had been sharing posts on their FHP social media, (@fhp_skillsusa.) This was their way of highlighting the Advisors, officers, and competitors. They also had given a list of names to put on the school announcements to recognize those students. 

Tuesday, the 7th was Give Back Day. Students wore yellow to spread positivity & happiness. They had volunteered during the day in the school’s Giving Closet. While volunteering they had talked pictures. They will also had helped Ms. Foster spread the word about the Giving closet and how to make appointments and sign up.  

Wednesday, the 8th was Partner Day. Students had dressed like their Academy/Industry. The advisors had tried to invite Julie Hindall and her Team from the Jax Chamber and Earn Up Jax to present Career Pathways to the SkillsUSA members. They want to invite academies to welcome their business partners to speak to their classes!  

Thursday, the 9th was Advocacy Day. Students wore Silver/Grey or Blue to show their Eagle Pride. They had been sharing on social media about the presentation to the school board at their monthly school board meeting. At this school board meeting our officers talked about what SkillsUSA is and how to join and help. 

Friday, the 10th was SkillsUSA Day. Students had dressed up like their favorite sports team and represented their pick for Superbowl weekend. The advisors and officers had sent out an survey to all the Faculty & Staff and asked them to name students that come to their mind, when considering each of the framework pillars.  

Follow the Instagram, @fhp_skillsusa for more information and to stay up to date on what is happening with Frank H Peterson’s SkillsUSA Chapter. When you follow or use the hashtags you are supporting the club. The main hashtag for the page is #fhpskillsusaweek.