SkillsUSA Regional Competition Information

Allison Viola, Chef Editor

The students of Frank H. Peterson in SkillsUSA will compete at regional competitions on Friday, February 24th. The competitions will be held at the downtown Florida State College campus. During these competitions, students compete and enhance their skills. 

According to the SkillsUSA Floridia website, “SkillsUSA Florida is divided into six regions, each lead by a team serving their respective communities.” Duval county is a part of Region 2. 

In the picture on the right:

  • Region 1 is in Red 
  • Region 2 is in Orange Picture her
  • Region 3 is in Yellow 
  • Region 4 is in Green 
  • Region 5 is in Blue 
  • Region 6 is in Purple 

Not all members of SkillsUSA will be competing at regionals though, some competitions will go straight to states. The reason they go to states first and not regionals is because there are sometimes no schools in your region who are doing that competition. Some of the competitions that go straight to states in our region are Hair Weaving, Robotics: Urban Search & Rescue, Esthetics, Advertising Design, etc. 

Those that are competing are: 

  • Tyler Bryant, Prepared Speech; 
  • Allison Viola, Photography; 
  • Jazmyne Long, Culinary Arts; 
  • Briana Johnson, Culinary Arts; 
  • Amanda Reyna, Culinary Arts; 
  • Antwone Mathis, Commercial Baking; 
  • Jerro Madriaga, T-Shirt Design; 
  • Brently Miller, Automotive Refinishing Technology; 
  • Ahviyes Holland, Automotive Refinishing Technology; 
  • Matthew Thacker, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair; 
  • Alex Looney, Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair.